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Massage Therapy Manager For The iPad

This application is made to help you manage your massage therapy patient information and assessments, and upload your assessments as .pdf files to cloud storage.

You can create patient master records complete with contact information and patient notes, and link them to one or more patient assessments, so you can quickly create a new assessment for each patient visit, and view all assessments from the master record view.

You can enter patient assessments with text or hand-written comments for each treatment, and attach "before" and "after" pain diagrams with hand-written notes and drawings superimposed as needed. You can also attach "Before" and "After" photographs to any assessment document as needed.

Patient assessment .PDF files can be generated and saved in the application's Documents folder, or opened in another application that supports .PDF files, or transferred to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or other cloud storage of your choice where secure data transfer is provided.

Unencrypted .PDF assessments stored in the Documents folder can later be removed all at once, to maintain HIPAA compliance on the device, with a single tap on an icon in the application.

Built-in tutorials are displayed during first use of most screen views, and can be turned off or back on later, in order to view again, from the application settings.

AES encryption is applied to patient-identifiable information, and you can create your own encryption passwords, or use automatically generated passwords.

You can change, restore, or remove encryption passwords, to allow for installation of the application on multiple iPads, or new iPads, and restore information if necessary.

You can create encrypted database backups, which can be restored on either the same iPad or other iPads, when the correct encryption password is provided. The encrypted backups can be moved between your computers and iPads using iTunes or other file-transfer software made for iOS devices.

You can customize the application for the individual therapist, and include a business logo or card, text and hand-written signature, and LMT license information, to be displayed on every assessment.

You can put the application in "Patient Viewing Mode", which allows the patient to view and sign their own assessment, but not access information for other patients, so the therapist can hand the iPad to the patient for their signature, which is made a part of the assessment.

The therapist can then quickly log back in after the patient signature, to open application access to all patients, and allow the therapist to move on to the next patient.

Version 10.0

Dictation and transcription have been recently added, so that therapy patient assessments can be filled in verbally during a client session by tapping on a single line in each assessment section. Keep the focus on your patient rather than data entry!

Available In The Apple App Store

This is a free trial version with an unrestricted full version available as an in-app purchase.